AutoSEO vs FullSEO: Which Semalt SEO Service Should You Select?

Search Engine Optimisation is a tricky subject. While almost every business now relies on SEO to put their organisation in front of the right eyes, it’s also true that only a handful of engineers know exactly what Google and the other major search engines want. To keep the playing field level, the keys to search engine optimisation are a closely guarded secret.

This means that SEO tools and best practices aren’t based on a set of instructions provided by Google, but by testing what works and what doesn’t. The more work you do in search engine optimisation, the clearer the wants, needs and preferences of the major search engines become.

At Semalt we’ve spent 10 years honing our SEO skills. We’ve now analysed around 1.5 million websites and boast over 600,000 registered users. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to get your organisation not just on page one of Google, but to the very top of the rankings. Over the last decade, we’ve worked hard to become the SEO provider of choice for a number of leading organisations.

But which of our SEO services should you choose? Today we’ll be looking at our AutoSEO and FullSEO packages; the differences, the similarities, and how to figure out which option is right for you.

What are AutoSEO and FullSEO?

First thing’s first: what exactly are AutoSEO and FullSEO?

On a broad level, AutoSEO and FullSEO are two products that aim to do the same thing: optimise your website to improve your search engine ranking. They are products that we at Semalt have developed in-house, and each has been utilised by businesses in almost every country on earth.

But from these basic similarities, the products begin to diverge.

AutoSEO is a clever automated tool that represents our entry-level package. AutoSEO is designed for anyone taking their first steps into the world of SEO and puts the user in control.

FullSEO is our complete SEO package. It’s designed for anyone who is ready to take search engine optimisation seriously and is looking for the best, fastest and longest-lasting results. You can leave all the heavy lifting to us, as FullSEO users gain access to our team of SEO experts.

Let’s take a closer look at these solutions, and take a look at exactly how each works.

A guide to AutoSEO

Do you want to increase brand visibility and sales? Are you taking your first steps into the world of search engine optimisation? Do you want to see some results before you commit to a larger investment?

AutoSEO might be the product for you.

Semalt’s AutoSEO package is designed for businesses who want to increase site traffic, but don’t want to invest in site promotion at the initial stage, at least until they see real results. AutoSEO puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to launch SEO campaigns for as little as US$0.99.

How does AutoSEO work?

Let’s take a look at a breakdown of exactly how AutoSEO works.
  1. Registration: You begin the process by filling out the simple AutoSEO registration form.
  2. Website analysis: Your website is analysed, and AutoSEO will report how well your site performed against website building and SEO industry standards.
  3. Strategy development: Working with one of our senior SEO specialists, your Semalt manager will run a more comprehensive analysis of your website, and create a list of errors and inefficiencies that need to be fixed.
  4. Enacting report recommendations: Once we’ve been granted file transfer protocol (FTP) or CMS admin panel access, our engineers will enact the recommendations made in order to guarantee a successful AutoSEO campaign.
  5. Keyword research: An SEO engineer creates a list of keywords to be included in your website, chosen to increase sales and traffic.
  6. Link building: AutoSEO begins placing natural links to and from trusted sources throughout your site, increasing its search engine visibility. Semalt has a database of over 50,000 high-quality partner sites, and links are selected based on domain age and TrustRank. Link building is performed at a measured pace to the following ratio: 10% brand name links, 40% anchor links, 50% non-anchor links.
  7. Campaign tracking: The success of your campaign is tracked via a daily rankings update of the promoted keyword list.
  8. Ongoing monitoring: AutoSEO continues to monitor the progress of the campaign, providing reports via email or the internal notification system.

Who is AutoSEO for?

AutoSEO has been designed for those who want to learn a little more about SEO before they make a big investment. It’s for the testers and tinkerers who like transparency and control. It’s for anyone who wants to start their SEO journey in a cost-effective and informative way.

A guide to FullSEO

Do you want to be the best? Do you understand the value of search engine optimisation, and want the most comprehensive and effective solution possible? Do you want to invest in a proven team who can deliver the best results possible?

FullSEO is the right package.

FullSEO is the Rolls-Royce of Semalt’s SEO offerings. It’s an integrated solution with a comprehensive SEO strategy at its core. You get in-depth analysis from industry-leading experts, not only of your site, but of competitors’ sites and the niche in which your company works. It employs thorough, proven SEO techniques, and offers full site development by a team of Semalt experts who’ll be in constant communication. This package guarantees significant website traffic growth and high conversion rates. 

How does FullSEO work?

The FullSEO package can be broken down into four main categories: analysis, internal optimisation, link building and support.


An in-depth analysis will be conducted by a team of Semalt SEO experts and your personal Semalt manager. This analysis will cover:
  • Identifying the most relevant keywords that will attract the largest and most targeted audience possible.
  • Analysing website structure and keyword distribution to see how it aligns with SEO best practices and selecting the web pages that will be the focus of the website’s promotion.
  • Gathering information about the websites of your competitors and niche in order to achieve the highest possible Google ranking.
Internal optimisation

Once the analysis is complete, the team of SEO experts, working in tandem with a Semalt web developer, will conduct an internal optimisation of your website in order to meet search engine ranking criteria and get rid of any errors or constraints that might be holding you back. The internal optimisation phase will cover:
  • The creation of meta tags and alt tags based on the earlier keyword analysis.
  • Enhancing and enriching the website HTML code and placing necessary attributes.
  • Editing robots.txt and .htaccess files so that the website displays in search engines as it should. Generating a sitemap file for complete indexing of the website’s pages.
  • Placing social media buttons on the website for improved engagement.
Link building

While it could be considered a part of the internal optimisation process, link building is important enough to be a step in itself. During link building, our team of SEO experts will:
  • Analyse your website’s ‘link juice’ (the search engine value or equity passed from one page to another).
  • Close unnecessary or unhelpful external links to preserve webpage quality.
  • Identify the best places to put the new, more effective links.
  • Create the niche-related link juice that is required to reach the top spots on Google. This is done by integrating quality links into the unique content related to your subject to boost the effectiveness of your promotion.
  • Address Error 404 messages and remove broken links.

The final but in many ways, the most important piece of the FullSEO puzzle is the ongoing support provided by your personal Semalt manager. Your manager will monitor the progress of your FullSEO campaign daily, making adjustments and keeping you posted every step of the way. Your manager will:
  • Provide daily or on-request reports of the campaign’s progress.
  • Give you access to a reporting centre where you can explore detailed campaign analytics.

Who is FullSEO for?

FullSEO has been designed for anyone who is ready to take search engine optimisation seriously, whether a large multinational or a small local business. It is a complete package that allows you to be as involved or as hands-free as you like. If you’re looking to increase your website traffic, your conversion rate or simply your company’s bottom line, there’s no better tool available.

AutoSEO vs FullSEO: making the call

Still unsure which package to choose?

One option is to begin your journey with a 14-day, no obligation test run of AutoSEO for just $0.99. If you feel as though you want something more, you can easily switch to FullSEO!

Another option is to hear what our customers have to say about each option. Check out our client testimonial page for insights on how other organisations have felt about each package – the pros, the cons and the things to think about.

At the end of the day, no matter which package you choose, you can be confident that both your website and your organisation as a whole will be better for it. An improved Google ranking, more traffic, a higher conversion rate and a better bottom line all within reach.

There’s no time to waste. Contact our friendly team today!